Avoid Crappy Tenants

Our Story
We own rentals for the same reasons many people do, to receive a residual income generated by a tangible, appreciating asset.

Like many landlords, we found ourselves unexpectedly facing an $18,000 repair bill to fix a tenant-damaged rental property. After taking that financial hit, we rented to “qualified” new tenants who were evicted four months later! The damage they did to our rental in only 4 months was over $5000! This is not an uncommon situation. These tenants had acceptable credit and income, no evictions showing, and no criminal history. We were utterly discouraged by the ineffectiveness of routine background and credit checks.

Property management companies work hard to place good tenants but in the end the financial responsibility of tenant damage rests solely with the property owner. We have created a way to share data-driven reviews by landlords and property managers, which can then be used to screen tenants. That is how Avoid Crappy Tenants was born.

How it Works
The website intuitively guides you through an easy search or review process.

Step 1: Register as a user of the website.
Step 2. Are you doing a Search or a Review?
Step 3. Enter search name or fill out the checkbox review form.
Step 4. If you are doing a search and it finds a result, a detailed tenant report will be generated for your review.

The whole process is quick and objective – based solely on data. You decide, is your applicant naughty or nice?

Sherry McKillop

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