DFW Hard Money

DFW Hard Money has been building since 1999. The founder, at the age of nineteen, John started in real estate investing. Living in the property while completing the renovations himself, he learned a great deal about rehabbing. In August of 2000, John acquired his real estate license. The next few years brought success as a listing agent by reaching the distinction of top producer in his office, becoming a multi-million dollar producer, and winning awards from the Century 21 Corporation such as the Masters Ruby Award, Gold Producer, and the 21 Club.

John’s business continues to flourish as his portfolio of properties is constantly growing and he occasionally flips properties. Managing contractors, tenants, marketing, climbing mountains, and enjoying time with family and friends has provided much satisfaction for John.

To constantly be learning and improving his business, John is involved in a coaching program that provides focus, education, encouragement, and a push to complete goals and objectives. This translates into a business transaction that achieves results and, at the same time, a pleasurable experience for those with whom John gets to do business.

DFW Hard Money
Lynn Boyer

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