Dan Zitofsky

“For well over two decades, I’ve specialized in working with clients to build equity in their wealth portfolios through investments, savings, IRA’s, and 401K’s. Here at Zitofsky Capital Management, we perform extensive due diligence to protect every investment for our investors as well as our lenders.
I’ve closed over 400 fix-and-flips, 650 rental properties, and over 1,000 private money and Non Performing Note transactions. I personally coach investors at all levels, offering guidance for turnkey rentals and “Being the Bank” as a note holder and creator. I’m also a featured speaker at many national gatherings of investors and wealth groups.
One of my specialties is training investors how to create long term passive wealth for themselves by turning non performing assets into long term performing assets being the bank. We’ve worked on hundreds of deals where we recoup all of our investment within 12-18 months and receive passive payments as the lender for many years after that. “

  • dan@zitofskycapitalmanagement.com
  • 718-541-0877
  • http://www.ZitofskyCapitalManagement.com


"We will educate investors how to take a non performing asset (NPN, Lien, Distressed Seller property) and turn it into a long term passive investment by ""Becoming the Bank"" and how to get all your money back in less than 12-18 months for infinite returns and no headaches. We will also be able to discuss how to both build teams in other markets and how we look for emerging markets to invest in."