Eddie Speed

W. Eddie Speed is a professional Real Estate Investor who discovered the incredible power of seller financing and non-performing real estate secured notes in 1980. Since then, Eddie has become the undisputed leader in the industry, pioneering many of today’s Note buying and selling strategies. Realizing that there were many more Note deals than he could ever do on his own, Eddie founded NoteSchool to help others like you follow his path to success in the Note Buying business. NoteSchool has become a highly recognized training company, specializing in both performing and non-performing discounted mortgage Notes. Eddie is also the owner and President of Colonial Funding Group LLC who acquire and trade discounted Real Estate Notes all across America.

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6 Niches in Notes in 2018

"After about forty some odd years in the note business, Eddie Speed has learned how to spot which areas in the industry are heating up and which are cooling off. The business is always changing, and he’d hate to see you spin your wheels and waste your energy chasing dead end deals when there are hot opportunities out there. So Eddie wants to share these insights with you in his session where he’ll explain: TODAY’S MOST POWERFUL NICHES IN NOTES. FIND THE NICHE THAT’S BEST FOR YOU No matter which area of notes or real estate you’re most involved in now, at least one of these six niches would fit your current investment strategy, or make the perfect bolt-on to your existing efforts. For a quick peek under the tent, here are the six hot niches I’ll be discussing: • Buying Property with Seller Financing • Re-performing Notes • Nonperforming Notes • Retailer Seller Financing • Multi-note Seller Financing • Turnkey Seller Financing