Gene Guarino is President of the Residential Assisted Living Academy and has over 30 years experience in real estate investing and business. Today, Gene is focused on just one thing… the mega-trend of senior housing. In 2017 Gene spoke in over 50 cities and 5 countries and he is joining us in person here at the SFR Expo to start the year off right. Gene has trained hundreds of thousands of investors and entrepreneurs over the past 25 years and now he specializes in helping others take advantage of the mega-trend opportunity in Senior Housing.

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Get Twice the Rent with a Long Term Low Impact Tenant OR Earn $5,000-$15,000 NET Per Month

Learn How to get Twice The Rent OR You Can Earn $5,000-$15,000 NET per month from a single family home with Residential Assisted Living. The Baby Boomers are here and the opportunity to profit from this coming Silver Tsunami of Seniors is unstoppable. Gene Guarino, Founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy will be here in person to share the insider secrets on how to do this right here in Texas.