Kevin Coyne

Kevin Coyne has been an entrepreneur for 24 years and a real estate investor for over 12 years. During that time Kevin has personally mentored over 1000 real estate investors helping them change their lives through real estate investing. Kevin has been a popular radio host of several real estate investor radio programs heard on BizRadio, KLIF, KRLD, and CNN.

Kevin is now partnered with nationally known real estate training expert Dennis Henson to offer one of the most successful and powerful one-on-one training programs in the country. Both Dennis and Kevin share a passion of helping others build wealth through real estate investing.

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7 Secrets of Success For Real Estate Investors

What if I told you that I wanted to give you a treasure map? And what if I assured you that if you simply follow the directions on that map it would surely lead you to wealth and riches beyond your fondest dreams? When I was a young businessman a very wise man once told me that there were certain laws that must be followed to become a successful person. He called these the ""Laws of Nature"". As he was explaining to me how this worked--I stopped him and said--I'm sold ""where is the book? --I want to read about these ""Laws of Nature!"" He just laughed and said ""They are not written in any one book--you have to find them out for yourself."" And so began a search for those laws and I believe I have found the answers. I call them the ""Seven Secrets of Success in Real Estate"". But these secrets do not just apply to real estate. All successful people throughout history have learned and used these secrets. You will find them in the biographies of successful men and women everywhere and I want to share them with you. No matter what Real Estate Investing path you choose, the Seven Secrets will guide you. You will not want to miss this great opportunity to become a successful real estate investor!