L Scott Horne

L. Scott Horne, principal partner of Horne & Associates, P.C., has practiced law in DFW for over 30 years while simultaneously building an impressive personal portfolio in single-family real estate investments. As a real estate and title fee attorney, he and his firm assist Realtors and Real Estate Investors in structuring, drafting, and closing creative real estate transactions as well as many other other business needs. Scott has has closed over 10,000 Owner Finance transactions.  Scott uses a unique approach, blending both the legal and practical aspects of real estate to provide his clients a common sense approach to each transaction.

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Tenants Toilets and Trash...OH MY. The pros and cons of rental properties vs. owner financing

To generate wealth, investors must accumulate assets and generate long term, reoccurring cash flow. As such, every investor must decide whether to hold rental properties or to hold mortgages. Both have pro’s and con’s. Are you tired of problem tenants, maintenance costs, calls in the middle of the night to fix a leaky toilet? Tired of turnover, management companies, fees and rehab? Owner Financing and holding a mortgage may offer a significant benefit over owning a rental property, including, 110% of market value sales and income, limited turnover, and no maintenance or repair. Owner financing helps keep more cash in your pocket and allows you to do more deals. Which is better for you? Let’s find out! ????