Wildcat Lending

Wildcat Lending is currently the fastest growing Hard Money Lender in the State of Texas. Reasons that contribute to this are, Wildcat Lending takes a common-sense approach on each loan opportunity, delivers the fastest, most reliable turn times in the industry and processes draw request from the initial request to money in the bank in 2-3 days. Beyond our top-notch loan process and post close performance delivered on every loan, borrowers deal either with an Owner or the Chief Lending Officer at Wildcat Lending from the initial loan application all the way to the closing table. This cuts out and completely streamlines the several layers of a typical loan process that includes a Loan Officer, Processor, Underwriter and a Closer. Wildcat Lending has extensive experience in both lending AND investing and sincerely cares about our borrowers’ success. Wildcat Lending understands the Texas real market is competitive, margins are tighter and time is of the essence to maximize profits. That’s why Wildcat Lending is happy to provide effective communication, a completely transparent loan process, and accurate guidance to experienced OR new investors, which makes Wildcat Lending the most credible, efficient and reliable Hard Money Lender in the industry. If we approve a loan, we CLOSE the loan, fast!

Wildcat Lending, LLC
Kevin Shipman

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